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Rent a Bot – rent a dedicated bot subscription for 6 months or 1 year. Share a Bot – share a bot with 3 organizations for a specific timeframe. Customized Services – rent multiple bots tailored to your organization.

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Offered Solutions

Enhance and fine-tune your business by relying on our expertise to identify automation tasks, process unstructured data, and build infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies.

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Industries We Serve

SLOTHBOT helps organizations big and small from a variety of industries such as healthcare, finance, oil and gas, manufacturing, data center, multimedia, and more.

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Advantages and Methodology of Process Automation

Process Automation takes repeatable, redundant, or otherwise difficult tasks and delivers a modern digital workspace while reducing operational complexities. Examples of automated tasks include: data entry operations, merging data from multiple sources, reporting and analysis, creating invoices, quotes, and many more.

SLOTHBOT applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to process unstructured, digitally converted documents. Native integrations are applied for automation within commonly used applications like SAP and Salesforce. Analyzing back-end and front-end data through process and task mining allows the discovery of automation use cases within the organization.

  • Payroll Processing – streamline payroll processing for a simplified recordkeeping of employee attendance , salaries, bonuses, and taxes.
  • Client Information Updating – maintain accurate client records across all data sources while reducing the load on the back-end system.
  • Service Renewal Process – standardize and synchronize contract renewal process throughout systems by automating the entire process: processing changes, drafting documents, and updating internal systems with fewer clicks.
  • Financial Statement Reconciliation – seamlessly match orders, payments, margins, etc., with accounts and financial statements by using a specialized bot.
  • Compliance Reporting – reduce the time spent on generating compliance documents and opt for automated processing with low human engagement and reduced error rate.
  • Customer Complaint Processing – manage the relationship with the customer through an automated process: handle complaints 24 x 7, sort the complaints by keyword and suggested criteria.

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