In which industries can RPA be used?

Services we provide

Rent a bot

  • This service allows you to rent a dedicated bot with a monthly, half yearly or yearly subscription
  • Who will “Rent a bot” service be most helpful to?
    • When you are a small or a medium scale organization
  • Why you should “Rent a bot”?
    • The bot will help you with a lot of transactions that require less human interaction, reducing the required infrastructure which in turn will help the firm go cost effective
    • This could also be that one beginning step that your firm needs to step into the growing automation industry

Share a bot

  • This service allows you to share one bot with 3 other organizations by dedicating the bot to each organization for a specific period every day
  • Who will “Share a bot” service be most helpful to?
    • Very small organizations that do not need a bot helping them all day around
  • Why you should “Share a bot”?
    • When you need the bot only for a couple or hours a day
    • This service is very cost effective as it will help you cut down the costs considering you will only be paying for the actual time you would be using the bot for
    • You can use your bot only for continuous hours everyday
      • Note: You can only use the bot for consecutive hours and cannot split up the time throughout the day

Customized services

  • This service allows you to own a bot customized as per your business requirements
  • Who will “Customized services” be most helpful to?
    • Large scale organizations with specific business requirements that need to be met
  • Why should you opt “Customized services”?
    • This service provides End to End RPA solutions as per your business needs
    • You can have multiple bots working on different requirements at the same time
    • This service also offers a set of dedicated programmers that would help you with the customization of the bot as and when needed
    • The most easy and flexible way to go cost effective and start off with automating the services that require less to no human interaction