We are expertise in process mining


At SLOTHBOT, we specialize in enabling process discovery and mining solutions in UiPath. Our teams systematically identify diverse automation processes across various departments within the organization. They further customize these processes within the same organization, which are more trusted, consistent, swift, and highly accurate.

Our teams have built automation solutions that have assisted in building infrastructure in organizations right from small-scale to large-scale operations. We are experts in processing unstructured data with advanced levels and superior technologies.

We have built modern-day solutions enabling enterprises with the document of understanding, data analytics, and machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, we have crafted solutions for predictions of financial, sales, and products forecasting.

We have a custom framework that fits an enterprise-level that can deliver processes extremely fast and with a high level of reliability.

We back automation and provide a Center of excellence to enhance solutions and fine-tune a diverse range of processes in the production stages. Our automation solutions precisely fit client organizations with their set benchmarks and meet explicit compliance levels.

Process Discovery

Organizations globally are going through different phases of digital transformation and accept automation to improve their business processes. Process Discovery solutions direct them in picking the precise techniques to automate. They even assist in capitalizing on the worth offered by planned automation approaches.

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SLOTHBOT Approaches

Approach 1: Traditional approach

In this scenario, we connect and brainstorm with SME’s and business owners. We further understand and evaluate whether their proposed processes will be automatable, check out their complexity levels and their impact on the Business ROI. This approach yields good results, but it is more time-consuming.
Apart from the traditional approach, we even provide process mining and task capture solutions and then sync up with SME’s and business owners.

Approach 2: Process Mining

We enable Process mining software solutions to read system event logs and use explicit algorithms to recognize, map and record business procedures robotically.
Our teams apply Artificial Intelligence and Automation technologies to enable organizations to find, analyze and automate precise processes.

Approach 3: Task Capture

We facilitate Task capture solutions to fast-track business process documentation by capturing your systematic workflows comprehensively. Our teams generate your process maps, effortlessly share process documentation with the specific groups, and explore procedures from different angles. At ground level, the task capture solution follows a progressive, step-by-step procedure:

Custom Frameworks

We have developed enterprise-level frameworks that follow modern-day automation benchmarks that are quick, adaptable, reliable, and flexible. We can deliver the processes swiftly and consistently with the assistance of these frameworks.

Our automation specialists will assist you in mapping all the physical processes that need automation and develop tailored frameworks for enhanced implementation.

Intelligent Automation

We integrate cutting-edge technologies such as Document of Understanding, AI Fabric, Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms for predictions of financial, sales, and products forecasting.

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Document of Understanding

Our document of understanding solutions assists in fetching, interpreting, and processing data sets. Our solutions assist robots and enable digital paperwork with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance to enable your operations.

AI Fabric

Our AI Fabric solution facilitates you to deploy models developed by UiPath. These precise models can be flawlessly dragged and dropped into your RPA workflows. Hence you can enable AI straightforwardly to the business apps and involved procedures. Our teams will allow you to enhance your Artificial Intelligence (AI) and handle models with an intuitive user interface.

Data Analysis

We pair RPA with advanced data analysis and learning tools to gain more business and operational benefits for our clients. We integrate and smartly blend RPA with data visualization tools such as Tableau, IBM Watson Analytics, and Power BI.

Machine Learning

We train models according to the business cases with Regression, Neural networks, and Deep learning.


We use Regression to make precise predictions from diverse data sets by discovering the relationship amid aspects of your data and constantly valued responses. We have used Regression in numerous project applications and enabled our varied clientele in different industries.

Neural Network

A neural network analyses data sets with learned illustrations similar to the approach a human would explore at a challenge. In machine learning, we give the algorithm a precise set of pertinent features to analyze. Furthermore, in a neural network, we facilitate different parameters and set them one on top of the other. The precise identification of essential features in every iteration is crucial to accomplishing the given task with automation.

Deep Learning

As the precision of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models using neural networks and deep learning are advancing toward comprehensiveness, we use these engines more freely than ever and build solutions to enable organizations to make decisions without any human involvement.


We utilize the log analysis tools like Kibana and Splunk to monitor and track the defined processes. Our teams smartly identify the enhancements, discover new approaches, fine-tune the involved processes and even evaluate ROI.